The Earl Owensby Profile...

On November 10 1973 Earl Owensby started his first motion picture Challenge. Challenge became a hit throughout the United States and over 134 Countries worldwide. The success of Challenge led to the construction of Earl Owensby Studios which became the largest independent studio in the southeast.

Both Earl Owensby and the Studio have been profiled on major media that includes magazines (GQ, Penthouse, Esquire, etc.) Newspapers (Variety, LA Times, NY, etc.) Broadcast (David Letterman, ET, 20/20. 60 Minuets) and Internet.

Earl Owensby has received numerous honors for his success and achievements. Honors granted Mr. Owensby include NC Hall Of Fame, #15 of the top 100 people in NC in 100 years, Award UNCC North Carolina, and numerous others. Many schools and Universities refer to Earl Owensby when teaching the movie industry, specifically, classes at Duke University, Gardner Webb University,
as well as a section in the North Carolina History Books.

Earl Owensby is continuing his movie efforts into the current millennium with several project in pre-production in 2008,
which are listed below...



Current Projects:

“Wolfman 2”
Based on the classic Horror tale of a man turning into a Wolf at the site of a full moon. There are many twist, turns, and horror as the story follows Colin Glascow's curse to himself and others he encounters.

“Back To Buckstone Mountain”
Seabo is called on once again to right the wrong
being done to the family of an old friend, and
former resident, of the Buckstone County Prison Farm.

“Stars In My Crown”
A Christian Film based on a Minister's work
with a town that has fallen on hard times, due to a group of corrupt individuals.